8 Hollybush Row, SuperLab 2

Cutting Edge Laboratory Building in Oxford City Centre

Expanding Oxford's Scientific Landscape

Oxford's thriving scientific community is set to receive a significant boost with the development of a second Swailes SuperLab in the heart of the city. Following the success of our first SuperLab completed in 2023, planning permission has been granted for this innovative facility on Hollybush Row. Designed specifically for growing science companies, this new laboratory building will replace existing premises on an underdeveloped site in Oxford's city centre. Our focus is on providing dedicated lab space for second stage companies seeking a strategic base for expansion, offering them a unique environment that combines bespoke facilities with an unbeatable central location.

A Revolutionary Design for Scientific Innovation

This SuperLab is far from a conventional laboratory space. With 6,700 sq ft of cutting-edge facilities, it will accommodate up to three laboratories alongside modern office spaces. The building's distinctive design features bespoke interior design, large windows, and open ceilings, allowing natural light to flood the interior and create an inspiring work environment. The absence of pillars promotes open interaction and collaboration among occupants. Advanced acoustics and high-quality finishes ensure a comfortable and productive atmosphere. Easy access to Oxford's train and bus stations, as well as local amenities, makes this an ideal location for companies looking to attract top talent and foster growth.

Sustainability and Functionality at the Forefront

Constructed to the latest eco standards, this new SuperLab demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development. The building will not only replace existing premises but also significantly improve the site's environmental footprint. By combining state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with environmentally conscious design, we're creating a space where scientific innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. The unique identity of this SuperLab, with its thoughtful architecture and prime location, sets it apart from ordinary research facilities. It represents the next generation of scientific workspaces, tailored to meet the evolving needs of Oxford's dynamic science sector while contributing to the city's rich tapestry of world-class research institutions.

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