Award Winning "Swailes Superlab"

Created: Thursday, 14 Sep 2023

‘Best Commercial Project’

Robin Swailes Design and Development is delighted to have been awarded Best Commercial Project at the annual OxPropFest23 awards ceremony held at Keble College for the SuperLab project.

Designed with well-being in mind

Super Lab prioritises occupant wellbeing with spacious office areas free of columns, fostering open interactions and breaking the isolation reminiscent of COVID times. The facility promotes physical activity and social engagement, featuring a jogging track, outdoor chess, and table tennis areas for relaxation and team bonding.

The bespoke hexagonal LED lighting provides energy-efficient illumination along with a subtle nod to the molecular structures fundamental to science.

Green Commercial

Situated in Oxford City renowned for its historic and academic prowess, Super Lab stands out as a symbol of modern sustainable architectural brilliance. Outfitted with photovoltaic panels, SIP panel infill walls, and a rainwater harvesting system, the facility exemplifies environmental stewardship. This is evidenced by its EPC A rating, which can be difficult to obtain.

Detailed Design

Within Super Lab's entrance hall, seating upholstered in the same luxurious leather as Tesla vehicles invites visitors to relax, while the facility ensures refreshment at hand with sparkling cold water readily available on tap. Acoustic ceiling panels, ensure a comfortable, stimulating environment, enhancing daily work experiences.

Super Lab's innovative design extends beyond functionality, incorporating playful features like a replica of the Oxford Circus Tube station with realistic office carriages along with a disco ball and advanced sound system. These additions set the stage for lively after-work events, ensuring that the facility isn't just a hub of scientific innovation but also a vibrant space for relaxation and camaraderie.